Thirty five years ago, when our children were little, video was just becoming available to the consumer.  The technology was, at that time, cutting edge.  As a professional in the printing industry, we saw video as a new way to add another dimension to what we see. Twenty years ago, we started our video business taping youth sports.  As time went on, we added high school sports to our agenda. During this time, there was much advancement in video technology and we added this improved equipment as it became available.  We also made the bold move to put our sports program on television through the community access channel.  During this time, we were shooting Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Football, Hockey and Wrestling and had the opportunity to shoot many Western Mass and State Championship sporting events.   We were recognized by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association for our promotion of high school sports.   

Since then, we have moved forward into the music concert arena at the Big-E with large screen presentations.  We have been there for the last 15 years. Realizing the need, we have expanded our services to include Bridal Show Simulcasts, Weddings, Business Seminars, Corporate functions, and most recently, videotaping of Community Theater Productions.  

As our business has grown, we have kept up with technology as well.  We are a FULL SERVICE, FULL TIME VIDEO COMPANY.

KMJ Videography is looking forward to working with you on your next video project.  


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